The idea is that we each have a little space for idle detail and personal musings.

- Us
- Jennifer
- Stella
- Keith


Well... We met in college better than 12 years ago now. Our first happenings were as Organic Chemistry lab partners during a summer semester. We were geeking out playing mad scientists. Jennifer was taking care of stray kittens and working a real job. Keith was also studying Physiology and German that summer, and of course enjoying the sunny southern weather. Our circles ran in wide opposite directions and it would not be for another 2 years that our paths would cross again.

In April 1995 Jennifer arrived one morning to the apartment in Deerfield, Florida with fresh bagels and we have been together ever since. Within the following 3 months we graduated together and departed for our first travels together to Europe. Everyone said that Europe would be the litmus for us both. We both grew stronger together during the summer months and by September 1995 we had moved cross-country to San Francisco, California.

Our first place together was a small humble one bedroom in the Inner Sunset at 11th and Irving. There we would stay for better than four years while we established ourselves on the west coast. It would take Keith almost five years to finally ask Jennifer to marry him on New Years Eve 1999. It would take another year to pull together the wedding and on June 17th, 2000 we were married in Annapolis, Maryland.

You will now find us living happily up north of the city in Fairfax, California. We bought a little house in a neighborhood just west of town. Its simple living that allows us to enjoy the area and continue to travel.



Jennifer can be found doing all sorts of things these days.  Some days she can be found working hard on budgets and programs for Chiron (soon to be Novartis).  Others she's busy around the house on projects or chasing Stella around the place. This year promises to be as interesting as can be as she considers what new work to do on the house and of course havina a blast with Stella.

 As soon as she gets the chance she will be adding more about what she's up to.



Stella Cosgrove was born on September 6, 2004.  She has pretty much moved in and is doing her best to run the place.  In the past 6 months she has gone from crawling around the house to full on runnning from room to room.  You can often find her pulling stuff out of the kitchen cabinets or  sometimes flipping pages in books while sitting on her bedroom floor. Curiosity rules the priority of events for her.  Followed only second by eating food.  She's happy to put a smile on anyones face.



Keith has been digging being a dad and working with a team that developes email security solutions.  Amazingly his latest job is within the same 5 blocks in San Francisco that he has worked from for 10 years.

It has been more than two years since the long hiatus from the office where his days were filled with with both leisure and personal projects. He now spends more time "thinking" about surfing and "dreaming" about the days spent out in the channel break off of Bolinas, California. This year he plans more evenings doing bike rides with Jennifer and Stella along trails in the Marin County Open Space. Personal projects are at a minimum these days as playing with Stella has taken over the free time.  Occasionally you can find him in the garage attempting woodworking, in the back bedroom goofing on this website, and readying for the next career venture.